Perimeter security decisions

Residential Estate Security Handbook 2020 Perimeter Security, Alarms & Intruder Detection

Perimeter security is no joke. There are an almost endless number of products and solutions available for a security team to choose from, but which of these, and which combination of these are suited to your environment?

A fence alone is not a secure solution for an estate any longer, if it ever was, so Hi-Tech Security Solutions asked Stafix Security Centres for some insight into what estates should consider when assessing, designing and improving their perimeter security. Stafix’s Shaun Williamson spoke with a few of his colleagues and together they recommend the following, covering the physical fencing and technology to supplement it.

The fence line

Starting out, it is important to do a full boundary assessment, working out where the potential risk areas are. Areas along the access road, areas of lower wall, areas of difficult wall design, areas of easy and difficult access all need to be assessed. It is also worthwhile doing an assessment on the wall structure, highlighting potential weaknesses.

A wall or palisade type fence is the first logical form of perimeter protection. It is essential to reinforce this with a monitored, well-constructed electric fence and management system. Additional vibration detection can be added to the wall, palisade or under the fence using vibration cable. This is then usually backed up with some type of visual verification system.

Electronic additions

Once the barrier protection is in place, the next inclusion will be CCTV to offer visual verification. A correctly designed system would look at the fence line to monitor any intrusion by people crossing this boundary. Very important is the elimination of false alarms which can now be accomplished by the AI capabilities in leading brands. The next option would be to look at vehicle detection and the possibility of automatic number plate recognition (ANPR).

Logically, a perimeter security system should entail as many components as possible, including a physical barrier, intrusion detection and visual verification. However, having many different systems will also need some type of monitoring, this being either electronic with alarms, or guards. The ideal solution would look at integrating the electric fence, CCTV, access control, intrusion, detection systems together using one software platform. If too many systems are used, this can lead to user fatigue and compromise the estate’s security.

The one-system approach will also ensure only important information is being observed as a guard or operator can get easily distracted when monitoring too much information.

What Stafix offers

Stafix Security Centres, through its JVA Perimeter Patrol Management system and large electronic solutions range, is able to offer an expandable range of solutions for an estate perimeter. Within the range, various layers can be added to the system, fully integrating with the existing JVA management system. Each year new electronic and physical solutions are added to the portfolio.

Support and proximity to repair locations is important and the company offers the largest footprint with 28 shops and over 300 staff locally supporting installation companies. At all locations, it has technicians who are able to support installation companies with quick repairs and on-site support when required.

For more information contact Stafix Security Centres, +27 11 397 3507,,

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