Secure biometric access for SAP

1 June 2020 IT infrastructure

Key Source International (KSI) has announced the expansion of its partnership with realtime North America, developer of bioLock software, to include a new biometric solution for SAP.

The pairing of KSI’s 1700 series biometric keyboard with bioLock software is an answer for all organisations seeking password replacements for logon and enhanced security within each SAP module. KSI + bioLock services over 25 verticals, including the financial services, enterprise, government and healthcare sectors.

Multifactor authentication is achieved using the keyboard’s integrated HID Crossmatch biometric fingerprint reader and Windows Hello for logon. Access to the SAP platform is controlled with biometrics and bioLock software, hard-coded within the SAP ABAP programming language. bioLock prompts users to re-authenticate with biometrics throughout the day to execute protected SAP functions. Denied requests prompt instant email notifications that alert system administrators to attempted access.

“Used by governments and multinational corporations around the world, SAP is more popular than ever,” said KSI CEO Philip Bruno. “KSI + bioLock is well positioned to help protect SAP customers against insider threats, leaks, and data breaches that have become pervasive and publicised. Our solution also supports compliance with GDPR and the growing number of data privacy laws now on the books that have potential to negatively impact an entity’s bottom line.”

The KSI + bioLock solution is particularly important now, in light of the ensuing economic downturn caused by COVID-19 and the strong likelihood of occupational fraud. Security experts agree that corporate entities must remain especially vigilant in monitoring system access from top to bottom during economic instability.

The president of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), the world’s largest anti-fraud organisation, explains why COVID-19 presents the perfect storm for fraud. According to Bruce Dorris, “We can expect not only more fraud to occur, but also more existing fraud to be discovered.”

bioLock’s granular biometric controls inside SAP prevent and identify fraud as described by ACFE.

bioLock was the first biometric solution certified by SAP and cannot be circumvented by unauthorised users. Requiring no special training of end users, KSI + bioLock secures shared workstations by providing granular control of SAP checkpoints – securing high-risk, high-consequence areas within the platform. bioLock software creates an audit trail of access and attempted access, and protects any defined SAP transaction with biometrics.

More information about the KSI + bioLock solution is available at, including the latest use case and product datasheet.

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