Upgrade your current security system with SecuVue

Issue 4 2020 CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring

SecuVue is a locally developed product by a privately held South African company, Secutel Technologies. The aim of SecuVue is to assist companies by improving their current security systems by adding cloud-based video analytics.

With SecuVue you can monitor any of your offices, sites, plants or warehouses remotely, as long as you have an Internet connection. And the best news is you can do all of this with your current (already installed) CCTV system. Areas where SecuVue can be of value on your premises:

• SecuVue offers facial collection and recognition, this an ideal solution for gate control and monitoring at sites. It will pick up intruders through facial recognition technology.

• LPR (license plate recognition) can assist with better management regarding access with delivery and collection of stock being sent to sites. SecuVue can give a full breakdown on how many times the licence plate was recognised and can also connect all information over multiple sites giving an accurate timeline of events per vehicle.

• With health and safety being a rising factor in all areas concerned, the correct data can be collected around incidents and assist in accurate reporting. With data being cloud-based, information will always be archived and available to refer back to regardless of the time span.

• As soon as an object moves into a demarcated area, an event is flagged which can be dealt with by your service provider using appropriate SOPs (standard operating procedures).

SecuVue can also provide the following:

• Watch list management: allows for automated notifications of when a person of interest is identified.

• Notification management automates alerts with a messaging library to ensure that the right people are informed at the right time.

• People counting counts the number of people in a virtually defined area.

• Activity heat mapping to make optimal use of available sales or exhibition areas.

• Scene analysis can detect if an object was left behind in a high-risk security area.

The SecuVue solution can give your cameras the intelligence to perform surveillance remotely while protecting your most valuable assets.


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