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Issue 3 2020 CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring

How many times have you come across a scenario where repeat offenders have re-entered a facility, be it a shopping mall, business or residential area, and reoffended? It’s even more frustrating when the perpetrators act with impunity and no fear of prosecution. In almost all cases, the desire is for a smart surveillance system that will recognise a threat and alert relevant authorities to either be in position or intervene before an offence is committed.

Shopping malls, in particular, have come under increased threat in spite of the heavy surveillance systems already in place. AI (artificial intelligence) is the key to detecting, identifying and mitigating risks before they take place.

Letting AI make sense of it all

An intelligent surveillance system will bring all the relevant events to your attention so you can act before an incident. This all begins with getting only what you need, when you need it. TVT has seen the need for making sense of your video. The level of intelligence built into the technology now means you can set parameters and events, and the system will bring the relevant data to your attention. Better yet, notifications and events can be conveniently pushed to your mobile device. This means multiple individuals can get valuable footage and data in real time and act on it faster than ever before.

Automatic licence plate recognition

Another frustrating touch point for security specialists and law enforcement is the quick identification of licence plates. Offenders are not afraid to use the same vehicle multiple times. The answer is automatic number plate recognition (ANPR). ANPR technology, such as that found in TVT ANPR cameras, can detect and identify a vehicle’s licence plate number and designate it as ‘friendly’ or ‘hostile’. Alerts can be sent via mobile to relevant individuals. Once again risk can be mitigated before an incident. Other applications for ANPR include barrier access control, road surveillance, fleet management and investigation.

Making facial recognition do the work for you

Facial recognition has been around for some time now in various devices and technologies. However, TVT has made it smarter and more effective. For example, the ‘Backstage Blacklist Person Warning’ initiates a warning when the blacklisted person enters the premises. The backstage reminds staff to pay attention to the blacklisted persons and their behaviour. The whole process uses passive face recognition technology. This level of intelligence puts authorities on high alert and in the right place at the right time. Tracking can be activated and used via a jpeg overlay map of the store or area under surveillance. Other functions include security staff check-in and patrol, storehouse access control, search video by face and more.

What makes TVT AI stand apart?

TVT is one of very few brands that have developed intelligence for entry-level and advanced security cameras and NVRs. You can choose your cameras and level of intelligence based on your priority requirements. Cameras in the various ranges will give you the power to set up intrusion or tripwire events and classify the object in question, thus minimising false alarms.

The next time you come across an incident or are preparing a solution, think artificial intelligence, think TVT. Whatever your intelligence requirement – it is now possible and affordable.


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