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Issue 3 2020 Financial (Industry)

Bank of Ceylon is a government-owned major commercial bank in Sri Lanka with its head office located in Colombo. It has a network of 628 branches, 689 CDM network and 15 regional loan centres within the country. It not only focuses on Sri Lanka, but also offers banking services in the countries of Maldives, India, United Kingdom, and Seychelles.

To serve the migrant communities of other countries, they have had to expand their services through representatives at exchange houses in UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, KSA, etc. For this, they have been awarded in Sri Lanka as the No. 1 bank and brand for the tenth consecutive year and the only Sri Lankan brand recognised as one of Asia’s best brands in 2013 offered by the Chief Marketing Officer’s Council based in India.

With its network of 628 branches and more than 8500 employees, the organisation required a time and attendance (T&A) terminal with large capacity and fast performance. The bank needed to allocate one or two T&A; terminals at each branch to monitor employees’ attendance logs. Moreover it wanted a single platform that could collect and view all attendance logs in each branch.

Deployment specifications

The project saw the organisation deploy a total of 700 units of ZKTeco’s time and attendance terminal, iClock880-H. Employees enrolled their fingerprints along with their personal information on the devices. Now, whenever they come to office, they need to punch in and out to record their attendance.

In order to manage all the data coming from the time and attendance terminals of each branch, all devices are connected to the Web-based attendance software, BioTime 7.0, which is continuously synchronising biometric templates and data from one time attendance terminal to another. If an employee relocates from branch A to branch B, he/she can still punch in without registering his/her fingerprint and details again.

The bank has used two servers for BioTime, which are both communicating and sharing information with each other. A BioTime server can support up to 500 time and attendance devices working together.

For more information, contact ZKTeco (SA), +27 12 259 1047, [email protected], www.zkteco.co.za


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