Physical access you can bank on

Issue 3 2020 Financial (Industry)

The security of financial institutions needs to be maximised at the front door. With this in mind, it is advisable to ensure that the main entrance focuses on controlling the access of employees and customers without causing undue delays in their passage.

Designed for configuration with any access control system, the Citadel Security Portal from Turnstar is designed for use in high-security installations such as banks and vaults, with standard features including automatic operation (with reversible option for manual opening in case of total power loss), as well as bullet-resistant glass on both of the portal’s curved doors. Optional security features include volumetric left object detection system, a built-in metal detector, integrated left-object detector, and hidden micro cameras integrated inside the portal.

“The volumetric single-passage detection system automatically detects attempts at multiple person occupancy and disallows transit by preventing the opening of the opposing door until there is only one person detected in the portal. This ensures that attempts at gang-related criminal activity in banks are minimised,” says Craig Sacks, managing director of Turnstar.

The Citadel Security Portal is available in three sizes – narrow, standard and large – to allow for varying levels of security and comfort. The top hung curved sliding doors with recessed bottom guide are fitted with self-adjusted braking, speed control and accident prevention detection for the increased safety of occupants.

The Citadel includes a digital display menu-guided command and setting console, voice prompts, internal emergency push-button and intercom, external side push-button, traffic/indicator lights and external intercom. Battery backup is provided for uninterrupted operation during a power failure (100 up to 1 000 cycles).

The Citadel Security Portal is a free-standing structure which can be installed into a new or existing shopfront. “While heightened security remains the objective of the Citadel, we have factored aesthetics into the design. The sleek, modern profile of the Citadel, coupled with the provision of the frame in a range of RAL codes or in stainless steel, means that it complements any corporate or industrial environment,” says Sacks.

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