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Horizon Risk Management is an equal opportunity company established to provide a strategic partnership for loss prevention in business. In particular, the mitigation of losses to assets, obviation of process constraints, coupled with the implementation of sound management programmes that result in an improvement to the balance sheet.

Horizon’s vision is to provide optimum contemporary, but affordable, business continuity techniques for business in South Africa and abroad through stable, durable and incorruptible practices.

Horizon acknowledges its social responsibility towards its customers, employees and communities in which it operates. As a level four B-BBBE emerging micro enterprise, the company prides itself in the following core aspects of its business that add value to its clients:

• Business continuity management enables its clients to respond effectively and promptly during and after an event. Implementing a business continuity plan means its client’s business is prepared for the unexpected. The plan assures clients that the impact of major events is minimised.

• Its Operational Risk Management (ORM) programme is focused on the core assets of the business. The company establishes, with its client, a clear strategic loss prevention programme to identify, measure, examine, agree solutions, implement and monitor loss prevention processes in support of their business.

• Through leadership development it creates an environment where leadership phases are understood and applied. Moreover, specific skills for individuals and teams are developed and implemented with its clients.

• Business improvement implies optimised processes, the elimination of the eight recognised types of waste and the minimisation of throughput variation.

Its primary tool is the use of Lean Six Sigma methodology.

Leading the company

Kevin van Zyl is the managing director of Horizon Risk Management. He is a seasoned risk professional with some thirty years’ experience, with good strategic appreciation and vision.

Kevin van Zyl.

In the past, Kevin played a pivotal role with the prevention of significant losses in the platinum mining and refining environment. He was also instrumental with the strategic delivery of:

• A security operations management programme which provides a framework for continued improvement and to enhance the professionalism of security operations.

• A code of conduct which supports the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms following the findings of the Farlam Commission.

• The support of major capital programmes that ultimately led to significant reduction in unaccounted losses.

• A crowd management process and procedure for dealing with adverse crowd management events.

• Sophisticated crime prevention plans with a proven track record explicitly supporting business needs.

Leadership development

Horizon is passionate about skills applicable to security, safety and risk professionals. The process of identifying your skills gap and developing these so that they are fit for purpose is imperative. It is important because the skills of individual team members determine the business’s ability to execute risk mitigation plans with success.

At the same time, Van Zyl explains that leaders cannot expect a new team to perform well when it first comes together. Developing a team takes time, and team members often go through recognisable stages as they change from being a collection of strangers to a united group with common goals. Horizon coaches risk professionals to understand these stages so that a new team becomes effective as soon as possible.

The company also provides a coaching platform for risk professionals to become strategic leaders. The outcome of this coaching equips leaders to anticipate, challenge, interpret, decide, align and implement.

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