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Hi-Tech Security Solutions Business Directory

Milestone community days coming to South Africa
Milestone Systems, This Week's Editor's Pick, News, Conferences & Events

The Milestone Partner Open Platform Days (MPOP) 2017 will take place in Johannesburg and Cape Town in September 2017.

Only the paranoid survive
This Week's Editor's Pick, Cyber Security, Integrated Solutions, IT infrastructure

Whether you’re a government, a hospital, a global corporation, a small business or an individual, you should be paranoid because they are out to get you.

Three questions to ask
Healthcare (Industry), Cyber Security

Experian’s fourth annual 2017 Data Breach Industry Forecast states that healthcare organisations will be the most targeted sector for attack, with new and sophisticated attacks emerging.

SAIDSA summit in Cape Town
SAIDSA (SA Intruder Detection Services Association, News, Associations

The South African Intruder Detection Services Association (SAIDSA) held a summit in Cape Town at the end of June to highlight the need for cooperation between the private and public security sectors.

Suprema integrated with M2SYS CloudABIS
Suprema, Access Control & Identity Management, Products

M2SYS selects Suprema BioMini Slim 2 fingerprint scanner for its CloudABIS biometric software solutions.

Dahua launches ePoE for IP
Dahua Technology, CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring, IT infrastructure

Dahua Technology has announced the launch of a system of extended Power over Ethernet (ePoE) devices including cameras, network switches and network recorders.

Intelligent fire detection
Bosch Security Systems, Fire & Safety, Products

The ability to detect smoke and fire as early as possible is the single most important feature of any fire prevention system and its detectors.

Water mist systems explained
Spero Sensors & Instruments, Fire & Safety

Water mist has extremely favourable properties that make it a preferred fire suppression system compared to other technologies.

The fake news of the control room
Integrated Solutions, CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring

Unwanted alerts are the fake news of the security industry and they clutter the view of the operators and limit their ability to make an informed decision.

Security Warehouse opens new branch in Greenstone
Security & Communication Warehouse, News

Security Warehouse has announced that its new Greenstone Branch is open. The Greenstone store is staffed with a local, skilled team.

RDC sisters are doing it for themselves
Radio Data Communications, Perimeter Security, Alarms & Intruder Detection

Radio Data Communications (RDC) is a South African designer and manufacturer with a diverse, loyal workforce.

Artificial intelligence is a no-brainer
Integrated Solutions, Security Services & Risk Management

AI is the ability of machines to process information in a way similar to the human brain, with the quest for AI driving towards duplication and extension of the abilities of the human mind.

67 minutes for Mandela day
ZKTeco, News

As its contribution to Mandela day, ZKTeco SA supported the non-profit organisation VulPro, a vulture conservation programme.

Fire up the planning process
Technoswitch, ACF Technologies, Bosch Security Systems, Spero Sensors & Instruments, This Week's Editor's Pick, Fire & Safety

Fire follows four stages – ignition, growth, fully developed, and decay (burnout). In order to ensure that a fire does not progress beyond the first stage, adequate detection and suppression technology needs to be in place.

Zambian judiciary captures ZKTeco
ZKTeco, Access Control & Identity Management

Physical access control manages people flow in court with the use of ZKTeco products.

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