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Three common cyber resilience mistakes companies keep making
Issue 4 2023, Cyber Security
According to Arcserve Southern Africa, organisations can defend themselves from cyberattacks if they embrace the five pillars of cyber resilience: identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover.

Who is responsible for cloud data?
Issue 2/3 2023, News, IT infrastructure
Arcserve global research reveals cloud investments grow while data protection lags behind: 82% of IT decision-makers expect an increase in hybrid cloud investments, while 70% expect an increase in multi-cloud investments, but 43% believe cloud providers are responsible for data.

How to avoid a wipeout
Issue 1 2023, IT infrastructure, Security Services & Risk Management
Wiper malware aims to delete your data permanently and cause as much destruction as possible. Byron Horn-Botha, Business Unit Head at Arcserve Southern Africa offers readers three steps to protect the organisation from these malicious applications.

Boost enterprise data resilience
Issue 8 2022, IT infrastructure
Arcserve Unified Data Protection 9.0 offers unified, multi-tenant cloud-based management, enhanced data availability, durability, and scalability with Cloud Object Storage, and expanded support for Oracle DB and Microsoft SQL Server.

Considering cloud downtime insurance?
Issue 7 2022, Cyber Security, IT infrastructure, Security Services & Risk Management
Byron Horn-Botha, business unit head, Arcserve Southern Africa, reveals three vital steps that you must consider to ensure business continuity before you buy insurance.

Zero-trust security must include data backup and recovery
Issue 2 2022, IT infrastructure
The concept of constantly verifying, continuously authenticating, and always logging who is going where and doing what should apply to regular operations and application usage.

A ransomware crisis plan is now a business imperative
SMART Cybersecurity Handbook 2022, Cyber Security
The digital era has ushered in a period of massive disruption, enabled by connection and access to information like we’ve never seen before.


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