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Biometrics goes mainstream
Access & Identity Management Handbook 2015, Editor's Choice, Access Control & Identity Management
Hi-Tech Security Solutions spoke to Dr Nick van der Merwe, director of technology & business development at Muvoni to find out how far biometrics has advanced and how it is being used in the real world today.

A new level of security for a new level of fraud
July 2014, Access Control & Identity Management
Stan Khan, managing director of Muvoni Biometric and Smartcard Solutions, elaborates on combating identity theft and fraud in the insurance and banking industry through biometrics.

Biometrics helps stop healthcare fraud
October 2013, News
In a move to strengthen administrative flexibility and security, the leading medical schemes in Namibia, namely Namibia Health Plan (NHP), Nammed and Renaissance Health, engaged LifePoint and Muvoni Biometric & Smartcard Solutions (MBSS) for a way forward.

A long process to new cards
August 2013, Access Control & Identity Management
The world’s largest back record conversion provided the groundwork for the new identity smartcards, which were announced recently. The Muvoni Technology Group managed the project from beginning to end, ...


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