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Trying to catch the big phish
Issue 3 2022, Cyber Security
Rather than focus on techniques, John Mc Loughlin, CEO of J2 discusses how phishing applications have changed to match new security standards.

You have a ‘super malicious insider’
Issue 2 2022, Cyber Security
There’s a super malicious insider who is technically proficient and often acutely aware of an organisation’s technical limitations in proactively detecting insider threats.

Securing your estate’s technology
Residential Security Handbook 2022: Smart Estate Living , Technews Publishing, Editor's Choice, Cyber Security, Residential Estate (Industry)
Estates need to be as cybersecure as any other organisation and starting with the human risk is one of the easiest and most effective mitigation strategies – but not the only one.

The greatest asset becomes the biggest risk
Issue 1 2022, Cyber Security
The erosion of the cyber perimeter as a result of new virtual workforce models necessitates a new approach, one that baselines activities and behaviours and protects employees by highlighting anomalies.

How smart are smart homes really
Issue 1 2022, Smart Home Automation
Cybercriminals are always on the prowl to access smart devices like wireless security cameras, smart TVs, baby cameras, smart speakers, smartphones or tablets.

Managed cybersecurity for every business
Smart Cybersecurity Handbook 2022, Cyber Security
J2 is a cybersecurity-focused technology group founded in 2006, serving over 200 customers on three continents.

Services to get things done
Smart Cybersecurity Handbook 2022, Cyber Security
The world has seen exponentialgrowth in cybercrimes. Syndicatesand individuals have turned to ourhyper-connected world to profitfrom our shortcomings.

How to stop security threats early
Smart Cybersecurity Handbook 2022, Cyber Security, Integrated Solutions
Integrating a security ecosystem allows one to better protect the company, while also better understanding and improving the company’s risk posture.

Cyber criminals adapt to deceive
Issue 6 2021, Cyber Security
Implementing DMARC standards can protect your brand from being impersonated, maintaining open communication and a managed user awareness training programme will help your people identify attacks before they lead to compromise.

Protecting your workforce
Issue 5 2021, Cyber Security
With Workforce Cyber Intelligence, organisations can reduce legal liability by identifying the personal online activities that put the enterprise at risk, while still protecting employee privacy.

Insider threat detection for security and compliance
Issue 4 2021, Cyber Security
DTEX continuously monitors servers to surface abnormalities, or Indicators of Intent, to help organisations autonomously identify threats to their environments, including those associated with data loss like reconnaissance, obfuscation and circumvention.

Roy Alves appointed as national sales manager for J2
Issue 3 2021, News
As part of its global expansion strategy, cybersecurity firm J2 has appointed Roy Alves as its national sales manager to enable African businesses to identify and address their cyber capacity needs.


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