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Leaders in risk & security: Assessing threat, risk and vulnerability
Issue 4 2020, Technews Publishing, Editor's Choice
After serving a 27-year ‘life sentence’ in the military, Andy Lawler has spent over ten years in the private security industry as a risk specialist.

Coping with COVID-19
Issue 4 2020, Xone Integrated Security, ISF SFP, Technews Publishing, Editor's Choice
Hi-Tech Security Solutions spoke to four security service providers about their new business reality and how they are coping with the stringent regulations.

The importance of real security risk assessments
Residential Estate Security Handbook 2019, Editor's Choice, Security Services & Risk Management, Residential Estate (Industry)
Andy Lawler, MD, Sentinel Risk Management, says a security risk assessment is an onerous task, but is not something estates can consider optional or a luxury item anymore.

The right people
Residential Estate Security Handbook 2016 - Vol 2, Rhyco Risk Projects, Residential Estate (Industry), Security Services & Risk Management, Conferences & Events
As more large estates make the decision to build their own control rooms, the question of who they should employ and how they should be trained comes to mind.


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