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Setting your security posture
April 2017, Securicom IT Solutions, Cyber Security, IT infrastructure
Hi-Tech Security Solutions finds out what a security posture is and how to determine yours.

Protect against insider threats
March 2017, Access Control & Identity Management
Latest release of CA Identity Suite strengthens security and accelerates time-to-value with new deployment options.

Security versus convenient access
Access & Identity Management Handbook 2017, Editor's Choice, Access Control & Identity Management, Integrated Solutions, IT infrastructure
As digital interactions increase in volume and complexity, identity and access security have become more critical for both the organisation and end-user.

Securing access and identity in a virtualised environment
August 2016, Cyber Security, Integrated Solutions
Michael Horn, BU manager, security, CA Southern Africa, discusses the challenges of virtual environments and security.

TFG upgrades identity ­management
March 2016, Retail (Industry), Access Control & Identity Management, Cyber Security
Leading SA retailer enhances competitiveness through deployment of CA Technologies’ security solution, expects to reduce costs and improve business efficiencies while streamlining compliance.

The new security perimeter
Access & Identity Management Handbook 2015, Access Control & Identity Management, Cyber Security
CA Southern Africa’s Security B.U. manager, Michael Horn, expands on the new security perimeter and how ID and access management ensure the business environment is protected against outside intruders.

Hosted security services
July 2015, Cyber Security, Security Services & Risk Management
Cloud services can be useful, cost effective and beneficial, but take care of your security first. Michael Horn, BU manager for security at CA Southern Africa elaborates on being secure out in the great wide Internet.

Identity and access management trends for 2015
April 2015, Access Control & Identity Management
CA Technologies announced five key trends for security and identity and access management (IAM) that will impact organisations and security professionals in 2015 as they compete in the application economy.

A new approach to security
April 2015, IT infrastructure
Security study from CA Technologies reveals that mobility, APIs and business enablement spark new attitudes towards security and drive an increase in investment.

Bring your own identity
September 2014, Access Control & Identity Management
New research from the Ponemon Institute and CA Technologies shows the value of BYOID, focusing on mobile and Web users with a desire for increased security.

Balancing security and convenience to beat fraud
Access & Identity Management Handbook 2013, Access Control & Identity Management
Financial institutions walk a fine line between convenience, security, and cost when it comes to preventing fraud. Ugan Naidoo, head of security solutions, CA Southern Africa, explores how Web-based fraud detection and risk-based authentication solutions stop real-time fraud in its tracks—without unnecessary friction for genuine users.

Accessing the cloud
February 2012, Access Control & Identity Management, Products
CA announces new cloud security solutions. CA Technologies announced two new identity and access management (IAM) cloud security services that expand its portfolio of IAM-as-a-service solutions. Gary ...


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