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What about the service level agreement?
November 2018, Editor's Choice, Security Services & Risk Management
Niall Beazley discusses the importance of a reliable service level agreement (SLA) if you want to rest assured in the long-term efficacy of your security installation.

Niall Beazley looks at some of the issues end users should consider when deciding on surveillance solutions: you get what you pay for.
May 2017, Surveillance, Information Security, Integrated Solutions
Niall Beazley looks at some of the issues end users should consider when deciding on surveillance solutions: you get what you pay for.

Multi-sensor surveillance in the entertainment industry
October 2016, Surveillance, Integrated Solutions
Niall Beazley comments on the recent feature Hi-Tech Security Solutions ran on multi-sensor cameras, highlighting multi-sensor PTZ, HD and more.

Understanding the CCTV box you just bought
August 2016, Surveillance
Niall Beazley discusses just what the technical specifications on the box mean, and advises buyers to educate themselves to ensure they get the solution they require.

How to choose video management software
CCTV Handbook 2016, Surveillance, Integrated Solutions
Niall Beazley discusses the options for managing your video streams, specifically the choices to make in selecting a VMS platform.

Understanding intelligence
CCTV Handbook 2015, Information Security
Intelligence is gained from many aspects of surveillance that does not necessarily require a picture. Information only becomes intelligent when it is used with all other available information to provide the basis for a decision and perhaps a result.

It depends on the project
September 2013, News & Events
Hi-Tech Security Solutions recently published an article titled ‘It is not IP or nothing’. Following publication, Niall Beazley, director of Vision Catcher, sent us this reply. I would highlight some ...

The real CSI effect
August 2010, Surveillance
Niall Beazley extols the virtue of JPEG 2000

City surveillance, an alternative practical approach
CCTV Handbook 2010, Surveillance
Human research has shown that the maximum time an operator can realistically concentrate on a monitor or screen is 20 minutes. They have been trained to pick up on situations that might develop and ...

Avigilon Control Centre delivers extended support for all ONVIF cameras
March 2010, Surveillance
Avigilon Control Centre will support all third-party cameras that operate on the Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF) standard

Keep it simple
March 2010, Surveillance
We know that 95% of CCTV images prove to be useless in a court of law and that 90% of the cost of going to court is spent on legal representation, let alone the cost in time and energy of the staff involved. ...

Human capital management
Access & Identity Management Handbook 2009, Access Control & Identity Management
Integrating systems is crucial for efficient and cost-effective management, but do not forget your people are the most important aspect of your business. In a recent briefing we were informed that the ...


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