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The SI’s view on integration
Access & Identity Management Handbook 2022, Enkulu Technologies, Skycom, Technews Publishing, Access Control & Identity Management
When it comes to integration, system integrators (SIs) are generally the ones in the firing line because they are expected to work miracles and ensure everything works together seamlessly.

HOME is where the master data is
Residential Security Handbook 2021: Secure Living, Residential Estate (Industry)
Powell Tronics has introduced HOME, a solution that caters for a single point of data collection, becoming the master data vault of all estate personal information.

Integrated visitor management
Residential Security Handbook 2021: Smart Estate Living , Entry Pro, neaMetrics, Editor's Choice
Hi-Tech Security Solutions finds out what benefits and functionality are available to residential estates today with the current range of integrated visitor management solutions.

Secure access control installations
Access & Identity Management Handbook 2021, Technews Publishing, Access Control & Identity Management
What are the key security aspects to consider when installing a new access control system or upgrading to newer technology?

Management of PPE allocation made simple
Issue 7 2020, Technews Publishing, Editor's Choice
Of all the roadblocks and challenges COVID-19 has introduced us to over the past few months, one of the tasks organisations have to manage is the issuing of PPE to staff.

Granting visitor access securely
Residential Estate Security Handbook 2020, Technews Publishing, Suprema, neaMetrics, Entry Pro, Access Control & Identity Management
Visitor management is a critical part of estate security that should secure residents and property while providing access that is almost seamless and as fast as possible.

The cornerstone of frictionless access
Issue 5 2020, Access Control & Identity Management
Powell Tronics has integrated the IDEMIA MorphoWave Compact into Impro’s IXP400 (Impronet) and Access Portal, through its PTWave solution.

Erinvale upgrades its access control
Residential Estate Security Handbook 2020, Access Control & Identity Management
Erinvale Country and Golf Estate partners with Powell Tronics and ZA Projects to upgrade and streamline access to the estate.

MotionProtect outdoor security
Issue 3 2020, Perimeter Security, Alarms & Intruder Detection
JAX offers outdoor security through its MotionProtect Outdoor, a motion detector with a two-phase algorithm for protection against false triggering and pet immunity.

Tertiary education wants real security
Issue 2 2020, Education (Industry)
Portable devices continue to offer a cost-effective and reliable alternative for a number of applications, especially in the education sector.

Visitor management for estates
Access & Identity Management Handbook 2020, Residential Estate (Industry), Access Control & Identity Management
Residential estates and business parks around South Africa have installed access control systems that aim to streamline access for both pedestrians and vehicular traffic.

IDEMIA and Powell Tronics on the road
November 2019, News
In the first week of September, Powell Tronics and IDEMIA hosted two breakfast roadshow events in Cape Town and Port Elizabeth respectively.


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